How Our Training Works

Face to Face Training

One of the key elements of the learning process is the dynamic relationship shared between a student and fellow students and a student and the teacher. Face-to-face learning fosters these relationships.

Training Manual

Handbooks and manuals are a critical tool in acquiring new knowledge. Trainees will receive a handbook for each training course. They instruct and guide trainees on technical information that is not intuitively obvious or easy to remember during the training.

Practice Exam

To reinforce the key topics, each course includes a practical exam. This will help trainees to retain concepts and apply them in real work/life situations.

Personality Profile Assessment

Is an assessment we use to help find a candidate whose character traits are best suited for a specific position. The employment testing is designed to reveal particular aspects of a candidate’s personality and estimate the likelihood that he or she will excel in such a position.

A Coaching Report

The Coaching Report is a self-guided, comprehensive development-planning tool for individual leadership development.

Our Process

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Sign up

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Register & Begin

Service Questions

You can register in any offered training program using any of the following method.


Complete and submit the training registration form at our website.

Send nomination request through email or fax, with following details.

– Information of the intended training course (name, date, location, etc.)
– Your company’s information (if applicable)
– Nominees’ information (name, designation, direct contact number)
– Nomination authority’s information (name, designation)
– Payment information

Registration fee covers training material, lunches and hi-teas. The fee does not include hotel accommodation or travel expenses.

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Conexus does not issue any training pass or invitation letter. You can join the training after receiving conformation email or phone call

If you do not attend the session due to any reason, you can contact us to participate in the next scheduled session that occurs within 12 months. You have to pay logistics cost only of your next participation. No fee shall be refunded in this case

We offer redemption of your exam fee within 12 months of your registration date, after that the fee will be considered lapsed.

Technique Questions

Yes. After making complete payment of the course, you can obtain training material before training execution day from Conexus Office

. If you decide you’d like to change courses or dates, you may request a transfer. Registrants may transfer registration fees from one course offering to another that occurs within 12 months. There is no transfer fee if you make written request for change at least two weeks before the session you were originally registered.

No, Conexus offers face to face training programs with a live and interactive trainer.

We recommend “business casual.” You need not wear a suit. You should choose clothing that allows you to be comfortable participating in training at a place of business.

Conexus Business Training makes every effort to provide accessible facilities and programs for individuals with disabilities. To arrange accommodations/services, please contact Conexus by email training@conexus.co.zw, or telephone  at least three weeks prior to the course start date..


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