Motivation, Persuasion & Creativity

“Not all dreamers achieve, but all achievers dream.

Do you want to feel enthusiastic and confident no matter what you do? Do you want to have presence and be acknowledged by others? Do you want to learn how to reprogram yourself to improve your performance?  By using simple techniques explored in this course you can learn to achieve more professionally and personally and become more productive. Through a number of practical exercises, you will learn how to become more motivated, creative and persuasive. Many people go through life not knowing what they want. Without direction we are lost. Many business people try hard to learn the art of productivity and invariably succeed in achieving some short term objectives, most however end up losing precious time and money because they don’t know what their long term goals and objectives are. What is our life all about? What is it that we ultimately try to achieve? Our mission statement defines who we are and what we want to do in life to feel fulfilled and happy. In short, knowing your mission statement for life is critical and deserves a fair amount of time for your own benefit. Research shows that most people don’t have stated missions, let alone written goals. You will be introduced to elegant and effective methods which help you to set your goals effortlessly without hitting the usual blank wall of “I don’t know what I want to do in life”.You will also learn about new tools that can be used to increase your creativity such as mind mapping. You will get to practice brainstorming with other group members and understand how new techniques can empower team members to work cooperatively & creatively together. In addition, you will learn a number of techniques to become productive and learn how to avoid procrastination.Another important topic covered in this course is how to persuade which is an essential skill in today’s business world. With new psychological techniques you can start to get results immediately. For example, if you lack confidence which impacts your persuasiveness, you can use novel methods such as NLP to get immediate results by applying simple mind reprogramming techniques rather than following time consuming traditional methods. You will also explore principles of persuasion and explore what it takes to convince others of your ideas or products.
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