Problem Solving Skills

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Albert Einstein

In this course, participants get to practice solving problems in groups using a variety of established techniques. They will learn about good brainstorming techniques and how to improve their communication skills in meetings. The course contains various exercises, including optional exercises, which trainers can use to pace the course according to delegates requirements. The course is ideal for creativity skills as well as team building as participants get to solve problems collectively.In just about any industry or any role, we are almost constantly involved in solving problem. It is what makes humanity progress forward by constantly searching for better solutions to common problems or new solutions to new problems as our societies become more complex.

As the problems have become more complex, the need to solve problems in a group has increased. Groups now contain a variety of experts looking at a problem in relation to their own respective domains. This course is ideal for groups of people who aim to solve problems collectively together. Solving problems as a group has its own unique issues. For example, some people like to dominate a meeting with their ideas at the expense of other less talkative members. This could be because of their character or a political agenda. This can lead to suboptimal solutions. Without a good thinking system a group may never come across novel ideas and even if it does, the idea might quickly be put aside, criticised or ridiculed.Today, there are many powerful group-based problem solving and brainstorming techniques that can be used to increase creativity and productivity.The aim of this exercise-driven course is to get the delegate practice these techniques in a simulated environment working on smaller problems.  This allows them to learn how these techniques work. If the delegates are from the same organisation, you can also run it as a team building course where delegates go through a shared experience while solving problems. They will learn how to work together and improve their communication skills.

The course is also effective if delegates are from different organisations as they can focus on the details of the techniques and learn from each other’s approaches or how various techniques might be used in different industries. The course contains many exercises. Optional exercises are also provided so the content of the course can be biased based on the requirements of the delegates. A series of extra problem solving techniques are also discussed briefly at the end of the workbook. These can be explored by those interested to know more about this topic after the course.

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